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> Unsolicited Commercial/Bulk Email ("Spam"):
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> - Limited commentary.  We understand your frustration with Spam, but the less time 
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>       - Date/Time Stamp with ZONE (either numerical [-0600] or alpha [CST])
>       - Protocol/Port used (either numerical [25] or alpha [SMTP])
>       - Number of instances of each packet type received
> Newsgroup violations:
> - FULL message headers (including NNTP and Xtrace information)
> - Subject line exactly as it appears in the original message (i.e. 'Re: Make $$$!')
> - Trimmed body.  Send only as much of the text as needed to show the e-mail's intent.
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> Many software packages will log and report what they construe to be suspicious 
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> Subject: Re: [vchkpw] vpopmail default domain?
> On Mon, 2003-09-08 at 20:40, mc 02 wrote:
> > i didnt enable ip-alias-domains for my vpopmail since .. i am using only a single 
> > IP for all my domains. Is there any other way? 
> > Or do i need to recompile my vpopmail?
> well, think about it for a second.  All of your domains are being served
> by one IP address.  How are you to differentiate between [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> and [EMAIL PROTECTED] if all you log in as is joe?  One could argue that it
> just picks the one with the right password, but what if they both have
> the same password?  or what if maybe [EMAIL PROTECTED] accidentally types
> in [EMAIL PROTECTED]'s password?
> -Jeremy
Jeremy Kitchen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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