Just so everyone's clear: I'm done with this thread. It's gotten way out of control and I can't see how it will benefit the vpopmail/qmailadmin community at this point. Ken is now an admin on both vpopmail and qmailadmin, and we will work together on SourceForge to coordinate further development and make releases.

On Wednesday, September 10, 2003, at 10:25 AM, Ken Jones wrote:
Thanks for adding me as an admin to the vpopmail project.
I hope to contribute towards making a great new stable release.

As do I. I added Ken last night, and I wish I had posted something to the list about it. Reading through 80+ messages this morning was not fun.

As a reminder to everyone, please don't cc members of the list when you post to the list. I don't need two copies of every message. In the case of this list, the mail server that handles email for [EMAIL PROTECTED] helps out by sending a third copy...

When I get back to the office on Saturday I will
update the inter7 development page to point to
sourceforge for both vpopmail and qmailadmin.
(currently I am on the road) I'll see today if I can
get the web admin to update the links before then.

I would like to see websites for vpopmail and qmailadmin stored/hosted on SourceForge with the ability for developers to make contributions. It should be possible to include the entire website in CVS as a separate module, making it easy for multiple people to make contributions (and have revision control).

Even though Inter7 originated vpopmail and qmailadmin, I feel it would be appropriate to limit vendor information and/or endorsements to a single page on the site (e.g., companies offering paid support for vpopmail). There are many companies in addition to Inter7 that earn a living by installing and supporting vpopmail/qmailadmin systems.

Inter7 has graciously hosted the vchkpw and qmailadmin mailing lists for many years. If the cost of doing so outweighs the benefits, we can definitely move them to SourceForge (as vpopmail-users and qmailadmin-users). I've already established qmailadmin-devel and vpopmail-devel for the developers to discuss coding issues and long-range planning.

I will start testing the latest vpopmail devel release against different
versions of vqadmin and qmailadmin for any problems.
I will also start looking into the bug reports. Probably the best
role for me is to support Tom as the primary admin in charge of
releases, new patches/features.

I'm more than happy to have Ken handle that. I prefer to write code, and I only got things going on SF to make it easier to keep track of Bug Reports, Feature Requests and Patches. Once we started adding significantly to the source, it was easier to release new versions there than to send huge patches to Ken and wait for him to release a new version.

Since it looks like we will finally have CVS support I'll have
to bite the bullet and learn how to use it!

Many of us will, but from what I've seen so far, it is a very powerful tool for collaborative software development. I'm looking forward to working on vpopmail/qmailadmin with CVS instead of the current patch process. It should even be possible to have CVS generate the ChangeLog for each release.

I think that when we're ready for a release, we should be able to tag the source with a pre-release tag, have a small group of testers download from CVS and verify that it works properly, and then finally make a release.

In the next few days could you also add me to the qmailadmin project?


I just registered the vqadmin and qmailmrtg7 projects at source forge
and will add you as an admin, if you would like, when the projects are

No thanks! :-)

I've had my hands full with qmailadmin and vpopmail. I'm now getting involved in clamdmail, a program like qmail-spamc to integrate ClamAV virus scanning into the mail handling process (without incurring the overhead of Perl-based qmail-scanner). It's a good start, but it needs some work (it chokes on some messages and doesn't die cleanly). Everyone should feel free to join in at <http://clamdmail.sf.net/>! I'll be making a new release sometime this week with the recent patches I've posted.

Tom Collins
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