Hi Tom,

Thanks for adding me as an admin to the vpopmail project.
I hope to contribute towards making a great new stable release. 

When I get back to the office on Saturday I will 
update the inter7 development page to point to 
sourceforge for both vpopmail and qmailadmin.
(currently I am on the road) I'll see today if I can
get the web admin to update the links before then.

I will start testing the latest vpopmail devel release against different
versions of vqadmin and qmailadmin for any problems.
I will also start looking into the bug reports. Probably the best
role for me is to support Tom as the primary admin in charge of 
releases, new patches/features.

Since it looks like we will finally have CVS support I'll have
to bite the bullet and learn how to use it!

In the next few days could you also add me to the qmailadmin project?

I just registered the vqadmin and qmailmrtg7 projects at source forge 
and will add you as an admin, if you would like, when the projects are

Ken Jones

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