In all the time I've been subscribed to this list (around 2 years or more), I've been lucky to see even one USEFUL message.

Most of the messages have been complaining about SPAM and getting "SPAM ASSASSIN" working!!!

1) I thought this was the vchkpw (aka vpopmail) group NOT SPAM ASSASSIN -- HELP I'M SCREWED GROUP!!!
2) If you really want to get rid of SPAM there are quite a few better ways then blocking by content (unless your in a corporate environment and this won't piss off your users).

One of these days instead of just ignoring the shit out of this list and deleting all the E-Mails maybe I'll unsubscribe.

In the meantime, I've been waiting for the QMailAdmin version that will support the damn aliases in the database for well over a year.

Everyone is complaining about nothing being done in the last 6 months???

It's more like the last year!!!


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