ahem. At 06:07 PM 9/10/2003, Richard A. Secor wrote:
In all the time I've been subscribed to this list (around 2 years or more), I've been lucky to see even one USEFUL message.

that's a shame. i've found very useful info on this list from time to time. there is always *noise* associated with any *signal*. the ratio is usually the issue. the ratio here really ain't bad most of the time, current thrashes not withstanding.

Most of the messages have been complaining about SPAM and getting "SPAM ASSASSIN" working!!!

patently false. but you're entitled to your wrong opinion.

1) I thought this was the vchkpw (aka vpopmail) group NOT SPAM ASSASSIN -- HELP I'M SCREWED GROUP!!!

yes, it is the vpopmail list. i have never seen anyone post to this list asking how to integrate spamassin with Exim, or communigate, for example. It is always relative to integrating it with vpopmail - which can be troublesome - so it's certainly appropriate. in any event, there are lots of questions unrelated to spamassassin. so i'm unclear why this is so troublesome to you.

2) If you really want to get rid of SPAM there are quite a few better ways then blocking by content (unless your in a corporate environment and this won't piss off your users).

that's nice. what does it have to do with vpopmail?

One of these days instead of just ignoring the shit out of this list and deleting all the E-Mails maybe I'll unsubscribe.

i'd recommend the latter if the aggravation isn't worth it to you. i recently unsubbed from the sqwebmail mailing list, since i consider sqwebmail and its author to be dreck. worked wonders for my peace of mind. life is full of choices.

In the meantime, I've been waiting for the QMailAdmin version that will support the damn aliases in the database for well over a year.

this is the vpopmail list. why are you posting about qmailadmin to this list?

yes, that gets a " ;^) ".

Everyone is complaining about nothing being done in the last 6 months???

It's more like the last year!!!

patently false, but you're entitled to your wrong opinion. oh, perhaps you were referring to qmailadmin, rather than vpopmail. in that case, i'd recommend posting to the correct list.

again, ;^).



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