Charles Sprickman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> -When you say it was rebooted, was that on purpose, or something went awry
> with the machine?  If the latter, was there any filesystem damage?

I'm told they had a power failure, so it's possible there was
filesystem damage.

> -What might have changed in your startup scripts from the last time the
> box was booted?

That was my suspicion too, but they still have the January 2001
timestamp from when I installed them.

> The only difference here is you fail when going through tcpserver, but
> succeed on the cli.  Look at what may be different in those two
> environments...  Do other programs that use the vpopmail libs function
> properly?

Yeah, the web gui sqwebmail works fine. Qmail smtpd is also using tcpserver.

Hmmm, I just rebuilt ucspi-tcp (from FreeBSD ports) and see the same
behavior even with the new "tcpserver".

I'm much more worried about rebuilding vpopmail... and have to use the
ancient version to preserve the old user database formats IIRC.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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