This is more of an opinion question than a request for help.

I received a call from a client that was having problems with ezmlm and
autoresponder.  autoresponder would bounce messages from his ezmlm list
and eventually ezmlm would remove him from the list (this is after
setting up the autoresponder/vacation reply in qmailadmin).

autoresponder was reporting this in the log, and not delivering the
message from the ezmlm list, as well as eventually causing him to be
removed from the mailing list.

AUTORESPOND: I can't handle a message with a Mailing-List header.

Upon further investigation I saw that autoresponder, when coming across
a Mailing-List header, would exit 100, causing qmail-local/vdelivermail
to bounce the message.

Am I wrong to think that autoresponder should silently ignore messages
with Mailing-List headers and exit 0 so the rest of the .qmail file can
be processed as usual?  It should not reply to messages from a mailing
list (we've all seen what kind of annoyance that creates) but it
shouldn't prevent them from being delivered.

I have attached a patch that addresses this issue.

Thanks in advance for the input.


Jeremy Kitchen
Systems Administrator
Inter7 Internet Technologies, Inc.
866.528.3530 toll free
847.492.0470 int'l
847.492.0632 fax
This patch makes autorespond silently ignore messages from
mailing lists that add a Mailing-List header (such as ezmlm)
and allows further processing of .qmail files.

Apply this patch like so:
cd /path/to/autorespond-2.0.4/
patch <autorespond-mailing-list-ignore.patch

Jeremy Kitchen - Inter7 Internet Technologies, Inc.  09/16/2003

--- autorespond-2.0.4-orig/autorespond.c        2003-08-25 11:11:58.000000000 -0500
+++ autorespond-2.0.4-Mailing-List-exit-0/autorespond.c 2003-09-16 18:01:13.000000000 
@@ -629,8 +629,8 @@
        if ( inspect_headers("mailing-list", (char *)NULL ) != (char *)NULL )
-               fprintf(stderr,"AUTORESPOND: I can't handle a message with a 
Mailing-List header.\n");
-               _exit(100);                     /*hard error*/
+               fprintf(stderr,"AUTORESPOND: This looks like it's from a mailing list, 
I will ignore it.\n");
+               _exit(0);                       /*report success and exit*/
        if ( inspect_headers("Delivered-To", "Autoresponder" ) != (char *)NULL )

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