On Tue, 2003-09-16 at 18:08, Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
> This is more of an opinion question than a request for help.

replying to my own request for advice.  After looking further at the
code, it appears that it may be acting properly if it were only to be
used as a standalone autoresponder.

However, qmailadmin also uses this for its 'vacation replies' and I
would assume that people wouldn't want their mailing list messages
bouncing (which then causes them to possibly get removed from the list)
when they're on vacation, or a whole plethora of other situations where
the autoresponder is acting improperly.

So, there's the dilemma, it appears that one package is trying to have
two different purposes in life, and those two purposes conflict with
each other.

For the sake of vacation replies (since I'm sure those are used far more
than "Mail robots") I'm going to release a new version with changes to
the exit codes, but also place a bug report with qmailadmin about this

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