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> On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 05:13:32AM -0700, Tim Hasson wrote:
> > Try using courier maildrop for delivery instead of vdelivermail.
> > 
> > I just switched all my domains (on nfs) .qmail-default's to invoke maildrop
> > instead of vdelivermail also because of problems with maildirsize not being
> > rebuilt and/or getting really screwed up. The problem happened very
> randomly 
> > and cannot be duplicated easily, but happens over days to random 
> > accounts/domains that used vdelivermail.
> Tim, 
>   Let us know if this actually does fix your problems. Nobody can seem to
> confirm that vdelivermail or qmail-local will rewrite the maildirsize file,
> and my initial looking through the code of vdelivermail turns up nothing of
> the sort.
> --Doug



I had a problem before where if I changed a user quota using vpop's 
vsetuserquota, the maildirsize file in the user's maildir will automagically 
get deleted, but never recreated by maildrop (for the domain I was doing 
filtering for) So that's why i put the check in mailfilter script to see if 
maildirsize needs to be recreated.

Shouldn't maildrop create the maildirsize file if it doesn't exist?

I think when I used vdelivermail, it created maildirsize when a new message 
was received in the mailbox that didn't have maildirsize in place, but with 
quota limit on it.

Now, as far as I recall, Bill Shupp made the maildir++ patch based on the code 
from maildrop, so I am not surprised it doesn't recreate the maildirsize 
file ;-)

Tim Hasson

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