On Fri, Sep 19, 2003 at 03:57:26PM -0700, Tim Hasson wrote:
> I am not setting the environment variable MAILDIRQUOTA for some reasons:
> 1. If user has access to their maildrop filter, or they have shell access, 
> then the MAILDIRQUOTA makes no sense.

My users use sqwebmail to access their filter file. I solved the overwriting problem 
by having maildrop first call a mailfilter-standard file. It includes the 
mailfilter-quota file, then includes the mailfilter-sqwebmail file. sqwebmail is free 
to edit it's own filter without messing with the quota settings.

None of my users have shell access, so I don't have to worry about that. You could 
make the case that they could still edit their maildrop filter and remove the part 
where they lookup the quota, as well.

> 2. I rather have all user information (including quotas) set in vpopmail's 
> mysql db, for administration reasons.

I would too, and I do. The authoritative source of info is in the database, and when 
the users file gets created, the database is consulted for the proper value. When it's 
updated, a script goes back to update the users file. This also allows for delivery 
should the database go down, and is less database load in general.

> 3. Eventually, I do not want to use maildrop at all, except maybe for 
> filtering. But I'd like to find a better solution.

I find maildrop to work great for final delivery. I call a single program in the users 
.qmail file, and it takes care of everything. No forking, no external calls, no 
nothing. I figure if you're going to use it in one place, you might as well 
standardize and use it everywhere. It's easier to keep up with a single delivery agent 
than 3, especially when maildrop does everything you need.

> And because I do not set the variable MAILDIRQUOTA, my mailfilter contains a 
> section like so:
> VHOME=`/home/vpopmail/bin/vuserinfo -d [EMAIL PROTECTED]

That's an external program that in my opinion doesn't need to be run for every single 

>    `/home/vpopmail/bin/vuserinfo -Q [EMAIL PROTECTED]

That's 2 extra programs per mail delivery, times how many ever mails a day you get. I 
guess maybe I'm anal about optimizing this sort of thing, but if I can avoid that (and 
I can) then I will (and I did).

With regard to the url you posted in another message: 

Sqwebmail does have support for updating maildirsize, I knew that, but setting 
MAILDIRSIZE in the generated filter file doesn't seem to work on my system. No biggy, 
I don't need it anyway =)

Hope your problems are closer to being solved!


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