Hello List,
I updated my Mailsystem to vpopmail 5.3.27 and now quit a few of my 
customers are having the problem that Outlook Express or The Bat are 
every now and then asking for login and password of the Mailaccount in 
a Popup Window. Has anybody experienced such a problem? Everything 
works fine except of this strange behavior. I did  some testing and I 
found out that sometimes it triggers on every new connection to the 
Internet, sometimes it comes up everytime and sometimes it happens just         
accidentally. I use the following setup:

qmail 1.03 (patched with Bill Shupps toaster Patch and the chkusr Patch)
vpopmail 5.3.27
qmailscanner 1.20rc3
courier-imap 2.1.1

Thank you very much for help


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