> What happens when you run `strings ~vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail | grep
> "vpopmail.mysql"`?
> You should get a single line with "vpopmail.mysql" on it.

That's exactly what I get:
# strings vdelivermail | grep "vpopmail.mysql"

> > vmysql: sql error[1]: Can't create database 'vpopmail'. Database exists
> Did you work out your problems with the vpopmail.mysql file?

Yes. I don't seem to be getting that sql error anymore. BTW,

# pwd
# ls -l vpopmail.mysql
-rw-r-----  1 vpopmail  vchkpw  45 Sep 11 14:16 vpopmail.mysql
# cat vpopmail.mysql

> Again, I'm not sure where the weird filenames are coming from
> (/home/vpopmail/domains/mydomain.com,,mydomain.com).
> What does the .qmail-default file look like for mydomain.com?

# pwd
# cat .qmail-default
| /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail ''

Noting: I've sed 's/myactualdomain.com/mydomain.com'

Thanks Tom for continuing to look into this. I think I migh have
something that might help...

I deleted my domain (/home/vpopmail/bin/vdeldomains mydomain.com)
and recreated it (/home/vpopmail/bin/vadddomain mydomain.com pass).
It wiped out everything under the /home/vpopmail/domains/mydomain.com
directory, including some important emails. But at least no more
"vmysql:_can't_read_settings_from..." error anymore.

But emails to non-existent accounts were mail looping endlessly. Trying
to stop it, I decided to backup my new important emails this time:
# cd /home/vpopmail/domains/mydomain.com/frank/Maildir
# tar -czf /tmp/myemails.tar.gz cur new

And deleted the domain and recreated it with my user again:
# /home/vpopmail/bin/vadeldomain mydomain.com
# /home/vpopmail/bin/vadddomain mydomain.com pass
# /home/vpopmail/bin/vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED] pass

Then restored my important emails.
# cd /home/vpopmail/domains/mydomains.com/frank/Maildir
# tar -xzf /tmp/myemails.tar.gz

I noted that the queue name format didn't look like every other because
I moved queues around. I had moved emails in my system account's
Maildir to my vpopmail user account's Maildir:

# mv /home/frank/Maildir/new/*

I looked at the emails (which moved everything in new to cur). Now those
email name formats don't have quite the same format:
# ls -l cur new
total 176
-rw-------  1 vpopmail  vchkpw    2314 Sep 23 03:41
-rw-------  1 vpopmail  vchkpw    2441 Sep 23 03:41
-rw-------  1 vpopmail  vchkpw    1367 Sep 18 01:14
-rw-------  1 vpopmail  vchkpw    1384 Sep 18 08:46
-rw-------  1 vpopmail  vchkpw    1626 Sep 18 08:49
-rw-------  1 vpopmail  vchkpw  132134 Sep 18 12:17
-rw-------  1 vpopmail  vchkpw    3577 Sep 18 13:37
-rw-------  1 vpopmail  vchkpw    2615 Sep 19 09:03
-rw-------  1 vpopmail  vchkpw    5691 Sep 21 03:10
-rw-------  1 vpopmail  vchkpw    2256 Sep 22 17:46
-rw-------  1 vpopmail  vchkpw    1980 Sep 23 01:42
-rw-------  1 vpopmail  vchkpw    1601 Sep 23 01:52

After all that, when I send myself a email: [EMAIL PROTECTED],
I get the same error in /var/log/maillog:
Sep 23 04:13:32 www qmail: 1064258012.943110 starting delivery 5: msg 468246
Sep 23 04:13:32 www qmail: 1064258012.943985 status: local 1/10 remote 0/20
Sep 23 04:13:32 www qmail: 1064258012.954235 delivery 5: deferral:
Sep 23 04:13:32 www qmail: 1064258012.954616 status: local 0/10 remote 0/20

And the email I sent myself stays in /var/qmail/queue :
# pwd
# find . -type f

Can moving old emails into vpopmail's Maildirs cause this?
Does vpopmail keep track of mail queue numbers?
Sorry if these are dumb questions, but I've been up all
night and nothing is going clicking anymore...


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