Hi. This is my first post ever to a news group. Please go easy on me.

Vpopmail 5.3.27
qmail 1.03
courier-imap 2.1.1
squirrelmail 1.4.1

When I send an email to myself: [EMAIL PROTECTED] , the email stays in
the /var/qmail/queue directory. And /var/log/maillog shows the following
error message:

Sep 17 18:23:01 www qmail: 1063790581.509670 starting delivery 6: msg 468247
to l
Sep 17 18:23:01 www qmail: 1063790581.510487 status: local 1/10 remote 0/20
Sep 17 18:23:01 www qmail: 1063790581.520673 delivery 6: deferral:

vmysql is obviously looking at something that doesn't exist.

There is a file:
/home/vpopmail/etc/vpopmail.mysql with the following permissions:

-rw-------  1 vpopmail  vchkpw  98 Sep 10 09:44 vpopmail.mysql

Is that a bug? Could someone help me out? I've run out of troubleshooting
ideas. :(

Thank you,

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