Luca Morettoni wrote:

Hi! I'm using the stable version of vpopmail (current 5.2.1) and I try
to enable the APOP feature, in
is wrote to use -enable-apop in configure script, but I see that this
option is not used... is true?

I see that there is no way to set APOP and without this no apop auth
as allowed.

PS: after I check the 5.3.16 version and all work fine, but I prefer
to use a (old) stable version on a production server!

I would say that vpopmail 5.3.27 would be a better version to go with, and the stable version is a bit outdated, that is why its not available in that. i say vpopmail 5.3.27 as its the latest version, and it has proven really stable on my server, which is also a production server. With about 60,000 messages being handled a day.

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