On Thursday, September 25, 2003, at 08:45 AM, Luca Morettoni wrote:
Have you set a default domain?  Are you logging in with a full email
address as the username (e.g., [EMAIL PROTECTED]) or just the username

I compiled vpopmail with a defaultdomain, and I log in with complete email address, but all POP3 operation work fine, the problem is in the local delivery for the user that have a .qmail file

What is in ~vpopmail/etc/defaultdomain?

What does the user's .qmail file look like? What if it's just a Maildir without a .qmail file?

And to confirm, you're saying that mail is delivered fine, but you see the error message "Error._Domain_domains_was_not_found_in_the_assign_file" in the qmail-send log.

What backend (cdb, mysql, etc.) are you using?


Did you --enable-mysql-limits? I'm guessing that you didn't (and that should be OK). I just need to know for the debugging.

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