Jeremy Kister wrote:

I need to disable vpopmail's quota support entirely -- can someone make a
parameter for compile time ?

the maildir++ support is not working correctly in my environment, so I do
not want vpopmail to ever send a quota warning message to the user, nor ever
bounce email, nor keep track of the maildir size.

but I do want to have the "supposed-to-be" quota in the vpasswd file,
because I want qmailadmin to read "2.00 / 15.00" instead of "2.00 /
unlimited" (or such).

I have written my own quota checking program, if anyone is interested,
located at

Jeremy Kister
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I would think this would require vdelivermail to be edited. I dont know if i can make this a compile time parameter, but i sure could check the source and remove where it checks the amount of space used. You would then have to remove the old file, and put this one in place.

Jan-Willem Regeer

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