Hi everybody,

Ive got a question concerning the internal strucutre of vpopmail.
Ive set up a qmail system together with vpopmail ( qmail 1.03 & vpopmail 5.2 ).
Im testing with two different domains and everything is working fine for me.

What I now wanted to do is set up some kind of simple anti-spam tool to avoid the huge 
amount of spam in some Maildirs. I tried to get a php script to work ( php script 
called from a .qmail file ) that sould analyse the mail and in case of spam it should 
copy it to some destination and then the script should return a exit code to tell the 
delivery process to stop delivering the message.

What Im not shure is which program does the delivery in this case.
The .qmail file ( created with qmailadmin ) resides inside the vpopmail structure of 
the virtual domain and looks like


but everytime I send a mail to that adress, the php script tells me that it is spam, 
it copies it to the sepcial destionation ( so the script works fine to me ) BUT the 
mail delivery process is not stopped, the mail gets into the Maildir asif my script 
did not return an exit code.

Ive tried it with return code 99 & 100 ( according to the .qmail-command manpages and 
some notes I found on the return codes of vdelivermail ) but nothing happened.

So my question is, have I missed something?
Which value should my returncode have, the one qmail is expecting or the one 
vdelivermail is expecting?
And why does nothing happen to that delivery process?

Thank you for your help!


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