Ive found the solution myself ... in the ChangeLog it sais that with version 5.2.1 
"EXITCODE checking for vdelivermail" has been put in and Im currently using 5.2 :(

So forget about my question, please give me an answer for this one:

Is it save to upgrade from 5.2 to 5.2.1 on an running system?
Is there anything I should be aware of or is it just backuping the /bin/ directory and 
just making the ./configure & make & make-install ?

Thanks again


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> Hi everybody,
> Ive got a question concerning the internal strucutre of vpopmail.
> Ive set up a qmail system together with vpopmail ( qmail 1.03 & vpopmail 5.2 ).
> Im testing with two different domains and everything is working fine for me.
> What I now wanted to do is set up some kind of simple anti-spam tool to avoid the 
> huge amount of spam in some Maildirs. I tried to get a php script to work ( php 
> script called from a .qmail file ) that sould analyse the mail and in case of spam 
> it should copy it to some destination and then the script should return a exit code 
> to tell the delivery process to stop delivering the message.
> What Im not shure is which program does the delivery in this case.
> The .qmail file ( created with qmailadmin ) resides inside the vpopmail structure of 
> the virtual domain and looks like
> |/path-to-phpscript/phpscript.php
> /path/to-vpopmail/domains/virtualdomain1/adress/Maildir/new/
> but everytime I send a mail to that adress, the php script tells me that it is spam, 
> it copies it to the sepcial destionation ( so the script works fine to me ) BUT the 
> mail delivery process is not stopped, the mail gets into the Maildir asif my script 
> did not return an exit code.
> Ive tried it with return code 99 & 100 ( according to the .qmail-command manpages 
> and some notes I found on the return codes of vdelivermail ) but nothing happened.
> So my question is, have I missed something?
> Which value should my returncode have, the one qmail is expecting or the one 
> vdelivermail is expecting?
> And why does nothing happen to that delivery process?
> Thank you for your help!
> Thomas

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