I've got Qmail/VPopmail (5.2.1) running on a Slackware 9 box and I am unable 
to relay outgoing messages from any of our Windows/Outlook clients.  However, 
I can relay from the Linux/KDE/KMail clients...

I've gone over the Outlook 2000 settings again and again, and I've also tried 
using Outlook express.  Searches on Google haven't turned up much yet but I 
am still looking...  I have also confirmed that I am not using SSL or any 
other secure auth for SMTP...

I can't remember if I configured with --enable-roaming-users=y but I did find 
a #define POP_AUTH_OPEN_RELAY 1 in the config.h file which suggests that I 
did (that and the fact that everything works fine on the Linux boxes).

I have set this server up by carefully following the steps outlined in "The 
qmail Handbook" by Dave Sill and I have tried in good faith to solve this on 
my own but I'm running out of ideas fast and could really use a push in the 
right direction this time...

My only thought is that the Outlook clients are failing to auth on send and 
qmail defaults to the rcpthosts file...  If I add the target domain to 
rcpthost and try again from the Outlook client, it works - but, of course, 
this is not at all the solution...  

David Benson
Real Networks

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