Something to look at:

it seems to stand out in my memory as ive had this same problem, but i dont
recall a resolve for it..
basically if you are having the same problem i was, then you cannot have
anything in your .qmail processing fork..
it must continue to run in the foreground or the mail will keep
re-spawning.. one day i ended up with 900 mysqld's running
due to vdelivermail-maildrop-mailfilter. and it only seemed to happen when
called by .qmail files.
if you are doing any processing in .qmail files, make sure they do not get
backgrounded or forked..

i think the man pages for either vdelivermail or qmail-command will have
more info about this..

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Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2003 4:09 AM
Subject: [vchkpw] vdelivermail EXITCODE problem

Hi everybody,

yesterday I asked you if there is a problem in vdelivermail of handling
EXITCODEs in .qmail files and I discovered that in my installed version 5.2
no checking of the EXITCODE was possible.

So I upgraded to the last "stable" version 5.2.1 whereas the changelog said
that within 5.2.1 the EXITCODE checks would be performed.

Now over the night I discovered that a script started within a .qmail file
before the deliver-to-Maildir instruction and returns an EXITCODE of 99 or
100 ( which value is not important ) the delivery of that mail is
interrupted ( not stopped as it sould be ) BUT the mail stays in the queue
and the queue starts delivering mail again and again.
What Im trying to say is that one single mail has been delivered about 200
times that night and everytime the script told vdelivermail to end the
delivery and everytime the mail stayed within the qmail queue to be
delivered some time later.

What I now want to know is if there must be another EXITCODE so that
vdelivermail definetely kills that mail processing or if this is a bug in
vdelivermail and I should upgrade to something higher ( i read in the
changelog that several fixes to the EXITCODE thing have been made in 5.3.x
but this versions are to be devel-state and Im wondering if I should use
devel-software on a running system.

Thanks for your help!


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