On Monday, September 29, 2003, at 11:35 PM, Jonathan Viney wrote:
The problem is that if I put 'to "! <catchall>"' in the if statement it
will bounce for aliases (because vuserinfo doesn't check if the email is
an alias). I could run valias -s <email> but the valias exit code is
always 0 even if it is an invalid alias.

What if valias exited with -1 if it's an invalid alias? I just changed it to do so in the CVS repository, and it will be in 5.3.28.

So, does anyone know how to make catchalls and aliases work nicely with

Also, I think I found a bug in valias (w/ MySQL). If I run the following
commands this is what I get:

That's a known bug (#807935). I caused it when adding the feature to check for existing aliases. It's fixed in the CVS and will be in 5.3.28 (to be released sometime this week). SourceForge's CVS server is staying up to date, so you can preview the ChangeLog and other files to see what's changed for upcoming releases.

Diff for the insert bug:

http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/vpopmail/vpopmail/ valias.c.diff?r1=1.1&r2=1.2

Diff for the non-zero exit code (may not be available for 24 hours):

http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/vpopmail/vpopmail/ valias.c.diff?r1=1.2&r2=1.3

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