Jonathan Viney wrote:
I have been pondering this problem for a few days now and can't seem to
find a solution. I am trying to implement per user spam/virus prefs
using maildrop as the delivery agent. It is all working apart from two
problems, aliases ad catchall.

It looks like you are calling the maildrop script from the .qmail-default file in the domain, is that correct?

Another solution is to call maildrop from each user's .qmail file. That way, you can avoid having to deal with aliases and the catchall altogether. If you've seen my maildrop filter floating around, I avoid using the $EXT variable, instead I break apart the path -- since the .qmail file is contained in the .../vpopmail/domains/ folder, you can get the $EXT and $HOST from the path instead of relying on those variables.

Is there a reason you are not calling maildrop from each user's .qmail file?


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