Jacob S. wrote:
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Jesus Ruiz wrote:

I'm using spamcontrol 2.0.9, but i receive a lot of spam mail from
the ip address block that i allow to relay through my MTA.

The problem is that the client receive they ip address dinamically 
when they connect with dialup or ADSL. Is there away to block and IP

address dinamically, when they sent more than a xx numbers of email.

Any suggestion are welcome.

Thanks in advance

Jesus Bernardo Ruiz Flores

I personally use qMail-STMPD with auth patch, that way they have to
auth before they can send mail thru my SMTP server.

What did you have to change to get qmail-smtpd to auth through vchkpw? 


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I used Mrs. Brisby's qMail auth patch, and edited my run file so instead of using checkpassword to check passwords, it uses vchkpw.

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