> > This will allow any valid vpopmail user to use their email address and
> > password as an SMTP login.
> However, the most popular qmail-smtpd-auth patch has CRAM-MD5 as one of 
> the auth methods and as far as I know vpopmail [at least in standard 
> installation, where all passwords are stored as encrypted] will not work 
> with this mode of authorization. Supposively one has to disable the CRAM-
> MD5 announcement in the patch source. If one doesn't do that, clients 
> that do have CRAM-MD5 as one of the AUTH methods [supposively for example 
> Pegasus], will try that by default and it will fail.
> Am I correct in the above assumption or has something changed?

Well, I hadn't thought of that but it is quite possibly correct.
Although, I just tried out Evolution with method set to CRAM-MD5 and was
able to auth with the SMTP-auth patch and vpopmail. But I don't know if
Evolution will fall back on plain or login if it fails MD5.... I
wouldn't have thought so but you never know.

Anyone else been able to use CRAM-MD5 with vpopmail?


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