On Wednesday 08 October 2003 16:27, Jan Reilink wrote:
> Hi list,
> Running vpopmail 5.2.1 we noticed the following:
> We have 17287 virtual domains in /var/vpopmail/domains and new
> domains are now placed in /var/vpopmail/domains/0/ (100 in total) and
> /var/vpopmail/domains/1/ (65 at this moment).
> Is there a maximum per directory ? And, if yes, the maximum is?
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/var/vpopmail/domains# ls -1 |wc -l
>    17287
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/var/vpopmail/domains# cd 0/
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/var/vpopmail/domains/0# ls -1 |wc -l
>      100
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/var/vpopmail/domains/0# cd ../1
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/var/vpopmail/domains/1# ls -1 |wc -l
>       65
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/var/vpopmail/domains/1#

well, i have this from the source (bigdir.c).
it looks like the maximum of users/domains per directory is 100 (it's 
defined in vauth.h : MAX_USERS_PER_LEVEL 100)
this seems to match your /[0-9]/ subdirectories. Ho you ended up, having 
that enormous amount in your domain root dir, is somewhat more 
it looks like, vpopmail counts domains per directory and uid.
meaning: you can add 100 domains for user customer1 ('vadddomain -u 
customer1 domain.com') and they all are created in /var/vpopmail/
then you add another 100 domains for user customer2 ('vadddomain -u 
customer2 domain.com') and they also get created in /var/vpopmail/

so, i assume, in your case, you have at least 173 different system users 
with an average of almost 100 domains per user.

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