Justin Heesemann wrote:

[/var/vpopmail/domains/[0-9]/ dir, limit?]
> well, i have this from the source (bigdir.c).
> it looks like the maximum of users/domains per directory is 100 (it's
> defined in vauth.h : MAX_USERS_PER_LEVEL 100)
> so, i assume, in your case, you have at least 173 different system users
> with an average of almost 100 domains per user.

We have only one system user for vpopmail: vpopmail (group: vchkpw) and all domains are added with 'vadddomain domain.com'.

#define MAX_DIR_LEVELS        3

#define MAX_DIR_NAME  300
typedef struct {
        int level_cur;
        int level_max;
        int level_start[MAX_DIR_LEVELS];
        int level_end[MAX_DIR_LEVELS];
        int level_mod[MAX_DIR_LEVELS];
        int level_index[MAX_DIR_LEVELS]; /* current spot in dir list */
        long unsigned cur_users;
        char the_dir[MAX_DIR_NAME];
} vdir_type;

#define MAX_DIR_LIST 62

#define VPOPUSER "vpopmail"
#define VPOPGROUP "vchkpw"
#define VPOPMAILDIR "/var/vpopmail"
#define DOMAINS_DIR "domains"
/* Version number of package */
#define VERSION "5.2.1"

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