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>>> We do not want to forward the messages to an email address but instead want
>>> to route them using smtp to another mailserver willing to accept email for
>>> that domain.
>>With this setup you can send the mails in this Maildir out via SMTP by
>>using 'maildirsmtp' tool from 'serialmail' package[1].
> This sounds wonderful. Hopefully, serialmail won't get confused and try to
> deliver the message locally. We'll give it a try.

,----- [ man maildirsmtp ]
|        maildirsmtp - send a maildir through SMTP
|        /maildirsmtp/ *dir* *prefix* *host* *helohost*
|        /maildirsmtp/  scans  a maildir, *dir*, and sends each message
|        to *host* through SMTP.  It removes *prefix* from  the  begin­
|        ning  of  each envelope recipient address.  It ignores any
|        message whose recipient address does not begin  with  *pre­
|        fix*.
|        /maildirsmtp/ removes messages accepted by *host*.  It bounces
|        messages permanently rejected by *host* back to the envelope
|        sender, and then removes them.  It treats temporary rejec­
|        tion as permanent rejection for  messages  more  than  two
|        weeks old.
| ...
|        /maildirsmtp/ needs /tcpclient/ in $PATH.

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