I am not sure am I posting to the rite mailing list to ask this question.
Currently, I am using only Qmail + Vpopmail + Mysql to provide pop3 and smtp. And, wat I understand that they are using the maildir to store email message in /home/vpopmail/domain/abc.com/user/Maildir/new cur tmp .And , the file maildirsize is use for the quota status. Everything work fine for me now.
Now I am interesting on the courier-imap is because I want to use some webmail that support imap. So, I have tried to configure my mail server to support courier-imap as well, and it is working fine so far. The only problem is the quota control.
I delete email message by using imap is fine. It will update the maildirsize file. But, I notice that I am also ablet o create folder by using Imap into the mairdir. I have tried to create a test folder call "testing123" by using imap. Then, it will create a directory call ".testing123" in the Maidir/ which this folder do not update the maildirsize file. This is the major problem. Coz, user can create any folder and saved all the message into that folder and it will not update the maildirsize file mean the server will not count the quota correctly.
Anyone have any idea how to solve this problem? Is possible to disable the create folder feature on the imap server? Or what else I can do that make the imap will update the maildirsize file when creating a new folder. Or any alternative way to do that to handle the quota by using imap?

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