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Hi Steven,
I Just figure out another problem that cause the quota not correct. It is about the sub folder created by IMAP. By default for IMAP, it will have the INBOX. And I create a sub-folder call "testing" under INBOX. Then, I create another sub-folder again under the "testing" call "testing2"
So will be like this
Then, I move the email message to testing3. And I delete the sub-folder testing1. So, all the sub-folder will be removed.
But, after removed all the sub-folder I can still see ( .testing.testing1.testing2.testing3) in the maildir folder...it mean the imap did not successfully removed all the sub-folder. So, this will cause the quota calculation not corect too.
Is this a bug too? Or am I need to apply any patches? I am using Outlook express to create the sub-folder and delete folder.
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Yes! You are quite right. But when new email coming vpopmail will recaculate the quota. So dont worry about it! No users can save their files or mail over quota. Its a harmless bug.
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