Hi -

when going the ./vadddomain I am getting the following error --

[EMAIL PROTECTED] marty]# cd /home/vpopmail/bin
[EMAIL PROTECTED] bin]# ./vadddomain test1.com
Please enter password for postmaster: <somepass>
enter password again:<somepass>
qmail-newu: fatal: bad format in users/assign
Error: Domain does not exist

however... it added test1.com to /home/vpopmail/domains ---

[EMAIL PROTECTED] domains]# ls
example.com  test1.com

I am assuming that this as something to do with qmail-newu as this is giving from the fatal....however I am not sure since the bad format points to user/assisgn..but those are in there ---

[EMAIL PROTECTED] users]# more assign

since I am not able to get rid of this error..I am not able to add the users with their PW's either....any thoughts? Is this a qmail issue?


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