On Fri, 2003-10-17 at 09:51, jean wainer wrote:
> > I used sqwebmail for a few years, always hoping it would mature into a
> > decent package.  The technical abilities of sqwebmail are great, but the
> > interface is ugly and difficult for my end-users.  I recently bit the
> > bullet, installed an IMAP server and went with SquirrelMail.  Happier
> users,
> > happier sysadmin.
> Isn't sqwebmail interface customizable? What about squirrelmail? I use it at
> home, but haven't messed with interface yet.
> And for being written in PHP, is squirrelmail more lightweight than
> sqwebmail (which is in perl, right?)?
> What i'm about to build is a public 50k+ user webmail system, and the
> interface must be customized.
> I'd hate to have to write a webmail from scratch =[
> Thanks,
> Jw.

Take a look at http://atmail.com/index.ehtml
Written in perl, easily customized and works well with qmail, vpopmail,
and qmailadmin, etc.

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