Ok --- I ran the qmailctl stat...everything shows up... ps aux | more appears to be ok on the output and I am still getting the lockup with trying to AUTH into the server....is it possible that there is another AUTH program that might be running?

thanks again,

David Bristol wrote:

When this happens, try running qmailctl stat and ps aux |more . Look for
any qmail services that are not running, or any readproctitle service
errors. Also, make sure you do not have any other servers/services
running on port 110 (qmailctl stop - then - nmap localhost. If anything
comes up on 110, qmail will not be able to bind to that port.)

I had something similar to this happening on a system for a while, but
it was because the pop service kept dying (because of invalid DNS
entries as near as I can tell.)

On Fri, 2003-10-17 at 22:11, martin wrote:

Hi -

I got vpopmail up and running with qmail.... I created my virtual account and was able to send recieve a few emails with the accout...so life is good. However..I added my 2nd v-domain and port 110 seems to have locked up. I even attemept to telnet to 100 while in the machine and it just hange there saying "connecting to" with the escape info...and that is it. I rebooted the macine...and as was well for a little bit...then it has happened again. Have I messed something up?


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