Jeremy Kister wrote:

I received the below bounce from the [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list tonight,
at about 10PM EST.

please note i have obfuscated all email addresses slightly.
also note that I have been receiving mail fine from vchkpw, and havnt
modified my configuration recently.

the bounce my system sent was:

"user does not exist, but will deliver to
message is looping /home/vpopmail/domains/
mail is looping"

I am quite stumped on why my mailserver bounce this.  I immediately sent an
email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] from an outside account, and it was
received perfectly --  the fact that I've received this double-bounce shows
that my configuration is working.

I keep 8 rotations of 1MB qmail-send logs, and I dont have any record of 'mail is looping' in any of them. the only [probable] record i have of this message is: max> grep 129277 /var/log/qmail/current | tai64nlocal 2003-10-18 21:58:08.502764500 starting delivery 129277: msg 30572 to local [EMAIL PROTECTED] 2003-10-18 21:58:09.792902500 delivery 129277: success: user_does_not_exist,_but_will_deliver_to_/home/vpopmail/domains/jeremykister .co/jeremy//did_0+0+1/

which seems to say that the delivery was successful.

i have a .qmail-vpopmail file which places mail in my "jeremy" maildir.  my
.qmail-default also does this (among other things).  I do not have a
jeremy/.qmail file.

max> ls -ld .qmail-vpopmail .qmail-default jeremy/.qmail
jeremy/.qmail: No such file or directory
-rw-r-----   1 vpopmail vchkpw       133 Oct  1 03:58 .qmail-default
-rw-r-----   1 vpopmail vchkpw       107 Mar 26  2003 .qmail-vpopmail

before receiving this bounce, the last message my MUA has received from the
vpopmail list was 2003/10/18 4:18AM EST from Sigmund Gudvangen titled "Re:
[vchkpw] Multi domain bounce message handling"


Ah it seems i am not the only one with this problem. It seems that more people are seeing this then.

I also got the same message, and as far as i can see its in no way looping, no matter how i look at it.

So basically, its on their side, unless something is looping on my side, of which i know nothing.

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