On Saturday, October 25, 2003, at 10:10 PM, Martin Kos wrote:
If you use Courier-IMAP, did you recompile it after installing
the new vpopmail?
no i haven't had recompiled courier-IMAP after the installation
because i thought it has only to do with IMAP connections or am i
missing something ?

Courier-IMAP links to the libvpopmail code (unlike qmail's pop3 server which uses the vchkpw program). Any time you recompile vpopmail, you should really recompile QmailAdmin, Courier-IMAP, vqAdmin, qmail-smtpd (if using the chkusr patch) and any other program that statically links to the library.

Note that if you don't change much in your configuration, some of those programs may continue to work. But, if you change your MySQL config, or go from cdb to MySQL, you'll definitely have problems.

Perhaps future versions of those programs could dynamically link to the library...

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