On Sun, 26 Oct 2003, Tom Collins wrote:

>>>If you use Courier-IMAP, did you recompile it after installing
>>>the new vpopmail?
>>no i haven't had recompiled courier-IMAP after the installation
>>because i thought it has only to do with IMAP connections or am
>>i missing something ?
>Courier-IMAP links to the libvpopmail code (unlike qmail's pop3
>server which uses the vchkpw program).  Any time you recompile
>vpopmail, you should really recompile QmailAdmin, Courier-IMAP,
>vqAdmin, qmail-smtpd (if using the chkusr patch) and any other
>program that statically links to the library.
i understand that i should recompile the other programs after
upgrading vpopmail, but the recompile of courier-imap has nothing
to do with my pop-problem?

any idea what could be the problem with the denied pop-logins ?

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