Hi all,
I'm trying to convert a 5.2 cdb installation to a 5.2.1 mysql installation. I've tried to use vconvert tools but it fails.

[root mail] ~/vpopmail-5.2.1# ./vconvert -c -m foo.it
converting foo.it
domain deleted
domain created
opening /usr/local/vpopmail/domains/foo.it/vpasswd
domain conversion failed

NOTE: I've added some debugging printf's.

It basically fails to open vpasswd file because that
file doesn't exist! The file is in:


I've seen that the do_all_domains scan the domains directory
but doesn't analyze all the tree (domains/1 dir for example).

I think that vconvert is badly out of date.
Do you have any suggestions (over fixing the code :-) )?


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