I'm in the middle of migrating a large site to vpopmail (currently running

I've got a script to do the bulk add for the main domain (call it
"isp.com").  I also currently have some staff members routed here with the
domain "test.isp.com", so I don't want to break anything for them.

My question is this, if I do "vaddomain isp.com" so that I can test my
syncing script, and I want to keep qmail in the dark about the existence
of this domain, can I simply pull the "isp.com" entries out of the
"rcpthosts"  and "assign" files?  Meaning, I don't want people using
"test.isp.com" to have their mail to "isp.com" delivered locally.  Would
that work?

If not, my other choice is to put the new users under "test2.isp.com" and
then later move them to "isp.com" when I do the cutover.  Are there any
interesting "gotchas" to moving a domain like that?

I assume I'd have to physically move the domain dir, edit the "assign"
file, and then do a bulk change of their maildirs in mysql.  Anything



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