My "MTA" is SquirrelMail 1.4.1, which I hadn't contemplated as being the
culprit.  I'll fire up Mozilla IMAP/POP3 client and see if I can shake the
matter loose.  If it's Squirrel I'll ask them about about it.

Thanks Pit!

> Hello List,
> On Saturday, November 1, 2003 at 12:00:11 AM [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote (at
> least in part):
>> I run vpopmail 5.2.1 without any troubles...
>> When I try to (un-)subscribe to ezmlm-based mailing lists, I am given
>> the
>> string to send to (example)
>> When I send this message to confirm my action request, it appears that
>> my
>> SMTP outbound is parsing this by breaking the email address into two
>> parts.  It breaks at the "equal sign" and send two messages to:
>> 2) magicmail-us........-isp   without a domain which is parsed as a
>> local
>> domain user.
>> This happens to every ezmlm list I work with now and has become a gross
>> pain.
> Might it be you're trying to send this confirmation with Outlook? I
> ran into this trouble once and knew another reason why someone does
> not want to use Lookout. It seems to try to make sense of '=de' as a
> QP string, instead of simply "using as is".
>> I am running a system mostly built from Michael Bowe's glorious work...
> I'm quite sure neither vpopmail, not qmail nor any other part of the
> MTA and MDA is breaking things up here. Very sure. Check your MUA ...
> --
> Best regards
> Peter Palmreuther
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