Reinis Rozitis writes:

> To be sure in that way if dont provide previously used salt (in the user
> passwords which havent been added using 'vadduser') in crypt will the
> authorization through pop work?
> Theoretically salt is the first 2 symbols, but will vpopmail (vchkpsw)
> understand/use that?

As I already told you, it uses the same underlying system crypt routines
that passwd does.  If you created your passwords using crypt, and the
salt consists of valid salt characters, vchkpwd will understand them
whether they are old-style DES or new-style MD5.  These days vadduser
and vpasswd will use the new-style MD5 crypt but vchkpw will copes with 
either (I'm not sure if it accepts some of the even newer crypt
algorithms available on some systems: it's possible to code things so
it's future proof and it's possible to code things so it's not).

Of course, if you don't believe me, you could always try it and see...

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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