In my case, i use a specific virtualhost for qmailadmin, and i set suexec on
this virtualhost to vpopmail.vchkpw

After setting up my vhosts as you described, I discovered that in order for apache to run suexec as the vpopmail user, it must run as uid and gid of 89. My suexec is configured to run only uid's and gid's higher than 508.

As I understand it, most apache configs are setup by default to allow only uid and gid of 100 or higher to run suexec unless you change it using the --configure options for apache when you rebuild.

Can I run qmailadmin as uid and gid of something higher? How about 600.600? The instructions specifically say to setup vpopmail as 89.89, so there must be some special reason why this is chosen.

What worries me... and I'm not sure if I should be cautious here or not... the user "nobody" on my system is 99.99. So if I lowerd my apache suexec to 89.89 then the user "nobody" will be able to run suexec'd on the box. Yikes!

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