Il giorno Friday 07 November 2003 08:23, Don Walters mi scriveva:

> I have tried going into some of the config files and I found a couple of
> places where it specifies 89.89 for the uid/gid.  I have even tried
> changing these to what I want them to be, but now my qmail isn't working. 
> Looking at some of my files, I discovered some of them are owned by user 89
> and group 89, so I have changed those to vpopmail.vchkpw.  And of course, I
> have changed /etc/passwd && /etc/group to reflect the uid/gid I want to
> use.  Is there something I am missing?

User and group are vpopmail and vchkpw. UID and GID are specified in your 
operating system's configuration file. 

Usually they are not in /etc/passwd but in another file, readeable only by 
root (master.passwd, shadow, something_else).

You must read you man pages about passwd.


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