Hey All,

After setting up vpopmail with mysql for valias / pop etc, I am 
Expirencing problems when the same [EMAIL PROTECTED] has both a POP3 box
and a valias which forwards the incomming mails to another email.

Simply what happens is when a mail goes into the system, it looks like
Just sees the valias, so the incomming email gets forwarded to the other
email in the valias, but dosent get stored locally in the postbox.

To be a little more specific about the entries in the mysql database, 
What I have is : 

Valias table :
| alias      | domain   | valias_line   |
| postmaster | domain1.dk | [EMAIL PROTECTED] |

And then I have [EMAIL PROTECTED] which points to a pop3 acocunt
from the vpopmail table.

If I remove the valias entry, the mail gets delivered as normally 
to the postbox. And I get no errors in either messages or maillog about 
the error when having both alias and pop.

I hope someone will be able to help me with my problem. 

Best regards
Morten Skou

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