but did you:

./vadddomain before you vadduser?

this will create the domain and then when you use vadduser it will create the user directories for you (under the vpopmail domains directory). As an added benefit, it make it very easy to not use system passwords for user accounts. With this kind of a setup, you would only have localhost in /var/qmail/locals, something for your local domain in /var/qmail/rcpthosts and vadddomain and vadduser will take care of /var/qmail/virtualdomains and /var/qmail/users for you.

I hope this is of some help.


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Carlos H Pilz wrote:


I installed 5.2.2 vpopmail version with ...

Can I use vadduser without domain ??? (./vadduser -n iconn) When I use ./vadduser user without domain, I get "Error: Domain does not exist" message.

And I used --enable-passwd=y to use /etc/passwd / shadow to auth my pop users. How will be my ./vadduser ???

And with virtual domains. How wiil I insert virtual users in /etc/passwd ???

Finally, How will be my pop line in inetd.conf ????



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You do not use vadduser if your users want mail, instead they have to create a directory called a Maildir in their home directory, and create 3 more directories inside that, check for the domain you allready have set up how it works.

That is how i think that works.

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