No,it works only for pop-before-SMTP.
I suggested to use it also for SMTP relay, but it wqas preferred to add a dedicated bit for SMTP relaying.

So, you may also disable SMTP relay, but I don't know if you find the disable_smtp line working in the last vpopmail versions. I made the patch for making it work, inside qmailadmin (at that time qmailadmin-limits was handled by qmailadmin), but it was never integrated in qmailadmin.



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Dear List Members,

What does "disable_external_relay" do in the ".qmailadmin-limits" file?
Can it be used to disable SMTP Relay even if I am using SMTP Authentication instead of POP-Before-SMTP?

The install.txt says:
*** quote ***
You may disable these services:

        a) POP Access
        b) IMAP Access
        c) Roaming Users (External Relaying)
        d) Webmail Access
        e) Dialup Access
        f) Password Changing

The syntax of the .qmailadmin-limits file for disabling the above
services, respectively, is:

*** unquote ***

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