Thanks much, I had talked to someone in #freebsdhelp on Efnet irc about 5
minutes before I checked my email again, and that helped :) 
Thanks much!!! :)

Brad Hughes

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To: Brad Hughes
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Brad Hughes writes: 

> Hey all,
> I recently installed vpopmail with mysql support, but somewhere along the
> line, I messed up. here is the problem:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/local/vpopmail/bin]$ ./vadddomain
> xxxxxxxxxx
> Error: Domain already exists
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/local/vpopmail/bin]$ ./vdeldomain
> Error: Domain does not exist
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/local/vpopmail/bin]$
> I've completely rm -rf'd /usr/local/vpopmail and reinstalled (make
> && ./configure --with-mysql etc...), the MySQL database vpopmail has _no_
> tables in it, how can I completely wipe out any vdomain databases to get
> of the above error? Do I have to remove /usr/local/vpopmail and do
> else as well?
> Thanks in advance,
> Brad Hughes
> Koolscooby at zoominternet dot net


I had this problem and forgot 2 things when I compiled. 

1.  I had to run vconvert -c -m 

2.  Didn't Include my database user info in vmysql.h. 

Hope this helps. 

Jonathan Shaw 

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