I have a problem with my QMail - Vpopmail - QMail Scanner installation. I don't know 
whether it's
VPopmail related, so hopefully I'm in the right mailing list :)

My System is running debian 3.0 and is installed along the instructions of Michael 
Bowe with some
changes as I'm installing the debian qmail package to fix the mail-transport 
dependencies and using

What I'm getting is a wrong answer the RETR queries (authentication works fine). When 
I Telnet the
pop3 port I get:

Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
USER <myusername>
PASS <mypass>
1 1862
1862Return-Path: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Delivered-To: [...]
Received: [...]

The answer should be something like +OK 825 octets [newline] Return-Path:... but it's
[bytes]Return-Path:... , which breaks my client (and probably any client, as it's 
interpreted as an
error message).

Logs show nothing special:
Message:  vchkpw-pop3: (PLAIN) login success ...
Error:    2

If it's not VPopmail related, please tell me where to look. The messages that are 
stored in the
VPopmail folder look fine. I ran the qmail scanner spam and virus tests and the mail 
end up,
properly marked and as they should in the right maildir. I just can't access them, 
that's all.

My exact configuration:

Debian 3.0r1 woody
shorewall firewall
mysql 4.0.16
ucspi-tcp 0.88 (debian package with ucspi-rss.diff already applied)
daemontools 0.76_8 debian source package
qmail 1.03_24 (debian package, includes QMail queue patch, bad mail to patch, big dns 
patch. I
applied patches: Tarpit, SMTP-Auth, TLS)
vpopmail 5.3.30 (also tested with 5.3.29 - same thing)
courier-imap 2.1.1
QMail Scanner 1.20 with spamassasin 2.60, razor sdk 2.03, agents 2.36, tnef 1.2.1, 
maildrop 1.6.3,
clamav 0.65

VPopmail configure:
      --enable-roaming-users=n \
      --enable-logging=v \
      --enable-defaultquota=104857600S \
      --enable-ip-alias-domains=n \
      --enable-passwd=n \
      --enable-clear-passwd=y \
      --enable-domainquotas=y \
      --enable-mysql=y \
      --enable-many-domains=y \
      --enable-auth-logging=y \
      --enable-mysql-logging=y \
      --enable-valias=y \

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