I actually found the problem - it was the qmail pop3d I was using, not the 
courier-imap one. The
qmail-maildir++.patch killed the pop3d.c - it forgot to change two puts().

Although it works now, I'm slightly confused: The qmail-maildir++.patch is quite old - 
I'm surely
not the first one to use it. Maybe it's only the debian qmail-src it breaks, although 
i wouldn't
know why and I'm surely not the only one to use it.

Anyway, just in case somebody is interested, the lines 309:314 of qmail-pop3d.c have 
to be changed

  /* okay(); */
-  puts("+OK ");
-  puts(" octets\r\n");


  /* okay(); */
+  substdio_puts(&ssout,"+OK ");
+  substdio_puts(&ssout," octets\r\n");

after applying the qmail-maildir++.patch . If anybody knows whether this is debian 
specific please
tell me - I'd really like to know. Actually I might try and find out after I set up 
the rest of the
server - still have to debug the SMTP-Auth :(

Thanks Tom for setting me on the right track.


>> What I'm getting is a wrong answer the RETR queries (authentication
>> works fine). When I Telnet the
>> pop3 port I get:
>> Trying
>> Connected to localhost.
>> Escape character is '^]'.
>> USER <myusername>
>> +OK
>> PASS <mypass>
>> +OK
>> +OK
>> 1 1862
>> .
>> RETR 1
>> 1862Return-Path: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> Delivered-To: [...]
>> Received: [...]
> It sounds like a problem with your POP3 server.  Perhaps try a
> different version of courier-imap?  Look into the source for
> courier-imap to find the spot where it sends the response to RETR and
> see if there are any obvious problems?
> --
> Tom Collins  -  [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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