On Thursday, December 11, 2003, at 02:36 PM, Tom Walsh wrote:
The lastauth is obviously coming from sqwebmail (our webmail client). Do
I have to recompile sqwebmail against the updated libvpopmail.a (the one
that no longer has the lastauth code in it) to get it to stop updating
the lastauth table? Or is there something else perhaps a config option
in the sqwebmail itself? Or even worse hack the sqwebmail code to remove
the lastauth call? It seems to reason that sqwebmail would only use
lastauth in the database if it knew it was there so I think there is
something to do with the libvpopmail.a rather than anything else.

libvpopmail is statically linked into programs that use it, so updating vpopmail will always require that you recompile programs that interface to it (like sqwebmail).

The relay entry could be from Courier-IMAP if you're using it as your POP/IMAP server. Recompile Courier since it links into libvpopmail as well, and that update may go away.

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