I am getting this error and that’s why qmail queue is flooded. What I did is I tried to move the default directory of logging account (~vpopmail/domains/domain/account/Maildir [i.e. ./Maildir in .qmail]) to /hdd/mail/domain/account/Maildir/ because of low discspace on 1st directory.


I guess its permission issue .. I already applied following commands


Chown –R vpopmail.vchkgrp /hdd/mail

Chmod 700 /hdd/mail


=== log error ===


@400000003fdec8552f865414 delivery 4919: deferral: can_not_open_new_email_file_errno=2_file=/hdd/mail/heubach-india.com/avinashi/Maildir/tmp/1071564875.3819.avinashi.heubach-india.com,S=1672/system_error/


=== log error / ===




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