Hi folks,

There's someone that uses qconfirm with vpopmail?
I've a strange problem, and I don't know if a delivery problem (that is
vpopmail) or not (that is qconfirm).

I send an email to user1 (account configured with qconfirm)
I receive a message "Please confirm your message" from qconfirm, where
qconfirm = [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I send a reply (empty or not), and ... ?
The email doesn't arrive in the user1 maildir, but in the postmaster
mailbox, because the user "qconfirm
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>" doesn't exist

@400000003fe8717c037f58fc delivery 10: success:

Now in /home/vpopmail/domains/nesys.it/user1 I've another file,
.qmail-user1-qconfirm-a06c72f7063044f1657eb89f627d9057, with this text:

Probably this is the information that may match with my replay, but it

Have you got any suggestion for me?
Thanks for patience and support

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